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ReviveMe Tea - Detox Tea, Natural Acne Treatment, Herbal Tea, Teatox

ReviveMe Tea is a subsidiary of ReviveMe Health Group, a specialist health company that focuses in blending natural and organic herbs , to promote health and wellbeing.
ReviveMe Tea focuses on three main health areas :

1. Detox, Detox Tea, Teatox, 14 Day Detox, Bloating and Weight-Loss Tea.

2. Acne, Acne Prevention, Acne Treatment and Skin Health and Vitality.

3. Sexual Health, Increase Libido, Aphrodisiac, and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

ReviveMe Tea, fuses together various natural and organic herbs that focus on a wide range of health related concerns, such as alkalinity, relaxation and more. However, ReviveMe Tea’s chief focus, is to help people detox, achieve their weight-loss goals, assist with skin related challenges like acne, and help increase libido, and assist with sexual health. Health is complex and interrelated – meaning your energy levels, stress levels and even immune system, can directly influence your body’ ability to detoxify, lose-weight, or rid itself of acne. For these reasons ReviveMe Tea has invested heavily in cultivating natural and organic blends that complement the functionality of the our Detox Program and Clear Skin Blends and the Lib ido Blends, thus promoting overall health, cleansing effectiveness and wellness.

Detox Program Proven Success:
ReviveMe Tea Detox program, is a powerful blend that will kick start your weight loss goals, cleansing your body using a unique Teatox process that eliminates toxins that have accumulated in your digestive system. This potent Detox Program is only designed to kick start your weight loss goals, and consequently, is recommended for short term use only. The Teatox also helps by reducing body bloat – thereby flattening your stomach, as well as cleansing your gut of accumulated waste. The ReviveMe Tea Detox program is a natural weight-loss supplement, based on herbal cleansing powers, which will help replenish and alkalise your body – aiding in weight-loss, health and overall wellbeing.

ReviveMe Tea Clear Skin Blend:
ReviveMe Tea Clear Skin Blend, is a natural acne treatment that helps your body fight off pimples, acne, zits and other skin ailments from the inside out.

This acne-clearing blend is designed to gently detox your body and skin (your body’s largest detoxifying organ), while promoting alkalinity and overall wellbeing. This unique blend is high in antioxidants, and antibacterial herbs that promote clear skin and overall skin vitality - treating acne from the inside out. The Clear Skin Blend, has balanced ingredients to help prevent acne and pimples whilst also boosting your body’s natural skin defences. It works in conjunction with a regular skim regime, and when used over time, can help prevent acne, reduce acne's severity and duration, helping to treat your acne. The clear skin blend is entirely natural and completely organic, meaning what you see is what you get.

ReviveMe Tea Products:
All ReviveMe Tea products are specially formulated, potent, health aids that focus on specific health needs. Our health focuses are constantly being broadened, but we currently provide natural and organic products for a variety of health areas listed below in addition to detox, weight-loss, acne and skin range.
Blend and health Range include:

  • Detox Program: Focuses on detox, weight loss and health.
  • Curb My Craving: Focuses on reducing body bloat, by stabilising body insulin levels and helping you to stop snacking throughout the day.
  • Clear Skin Blend: Focuses on cleansing the kidneys, liver and skin, and helping to treat acne from the inside out.
  • Immuni-Tea Blend: Focuses on boosting your body’s immune system, aiding in the prevention of cold & flue while boosting alkalinity and over all wellbeing.
  • Relaxation and Soothing Blends: Focuses on relaxing the mind, assisting stress relief and increasing tranquillity.
  • Pick-me-Up and Re-Energise Blend: Focusses on naturally increasing your energy levels and boosting vitality and alkalinity.
  • Libido Blend: Focuses on utilising natural aphrodisiacs to boost libido in women and men, while also assisting in the prevention of erectile dysfunction (ED).
Libido Blend – Increases Libido and More…
ReviveMe Tea, Libido Blend uses known and historical documented, natural aphrodisiacs to promote healthy sexual energy (in both men and women),to increase Libido.

This aphrodisiac also utilises compounds found to promote blood circulation to the genitalia, which helps in the prevention of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - effectively acting as an erectile dysfunction treatment. The Libido blend is completely natural, and uses organic compounds and aphrodisiacs to help stimulate sexual energy, increase libido, and behaves as a natural erectile dysfunction treatment.

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